Different methods of shaking cocktails

Shaking is the most common cocktail technique that not only properly mixes your ingredients but also employs necessary chilling, dilution into your drink and helps to aerate it.

When to shake and when to stir?

It’s all about the texture (mouthfeel) of the cocktail.

  • If cocktail has some cloudy ingredients such as fruit juices, eggs or dairy then you want a cocktail to be shaken(vigorously). If ingredients are combined properly it creates a frothy texture on the top and fresh aroma.
  • If the cocktail contains a clear(transparent) ingredients such as spirits, liqueurs, vermouths and so on then you want a cocktail to be stirred which chills and dilute a drink and should leave you with a soft and silky mouthfeel.


Building the ingredients in the shaker and shaking a cocktail

  1. Don’t forget to chill your glass unless it comes straight out from the freezer.
  2. Measure all ingredients with a jigger, adding them into the shaker as you follow a cocktail recipe.
  3. Start with the smallest volume/cheapest ingredients so if you mess up you can start over again without any wastage.
  4. Put ice(cubed) as the last thing in your Boston glass or Shaker you want absolute control over the dilution.
  5. Shake vigorously for at least 12 seconds until ice cold, always taste your cocktail before serving to be sure that it’s ready.
  6. When a cocktail is shaken, it’s most likely that it also needs to be double strain using a fine mesh strainer to avoid tiny pieces of ice, fruits and other solids. (sometimes it might not be required)


Shaking cocktails with egg white (Dry shake/Reversed Dry shake)

  • If the cocktail contains egg white, we usually need to use the dry shake technique which is basically shaking without ice first to emulsify the ingredients.
  • The other technique called reversed dry shake is shaking your cocktail with ice then straining back into the shaker and shaking without ice.


The hard shake (Japanese style)

  • The hard shake is a stylised way of shaking a cocktail, intended to drive the ice inside around the shaker rather than simple back and forth
  • Proponents of the hard-shake maintain that the method produces a better tasting cocktail
  • Starting with slow-freezing the ice from the bottom-up, to get rid of the tiny air bubbles. This makes a harder and more solid ice cube that will take a lot more beating in the shaker before breaking in pieces and thus diluting the drink.
  • The ice cubes are shaped into perfectly round spheres, again to decrease chipping of the ice during shaking.

As shaking is one of the most iconic movements of a bartender, Mixes From Mars ensures that every event will have at least a shaken drink to amaze your guests at your event! Looking to have some of our bartenders shake up some awesome cocktails at your event? Drop us an enquiry today!

How having a professional bartender at your party can help you or is good for you


When it comes to big events like weddings and milestone anniversaries, most people don’t think twice about hiring a bartender to serve drinks to guests. But for some reason, most of us baulk at the idea of hiring someone to pour drinks at more intimate gatherings like get-togethers and birthday parties. On those occasions, hiring a bartender may feel a little over-the-top. After all, guests can pour their own drinks, so why spend the money? The truth is, though, hiring a bartender can actually be a relatively affordable “splurge,” and having a professional behind the bar means you have one less thing to stress about and will be able to enjoy yourself that much more.

You’ll Know How Much Booze to Buy

A professional bartender or bartending service will not only help you figure out what to serve based on the type of event and your preferences but will also tell you how much of everything to buy. This also means you won’t buy excess booze and, ultimately, might save you a lot of money.

Help with Set Up and Clean Up

A bartender will get to your home or event space in plenty of time to get the bar area all set up before any of your guests arrive. He’ll also do his best to make sure there aren’t empty glasses and bottles littering the space and, at the end of the party, he’ll help with clean-up.

Have our professional bartenders join you for the next event that you are hosting!

The Host Shouldn’t Also Be the Bartender

A good host offers his guests a drink shortly after they walk into the party. Which means if you don’t have a bartender, you’re also the one making that drink. A good host also offers a guest whose drink is low or empty if she’d like it to be refreshed. Which means, yup, you’re making that next drink as well. And repeat. For the entire duration of the party.

Feel Like a Guest at Your Own Party

As we just mentioned, if you spend the entire party getting drinks for other people, you’ll feel more like the hired help than the host, but even more than that, if you have someone else pouring your drinks and making sure you’re okay, it allows you to actually enjoy the event.

It’s Probably Best if Guests Don’t Make Their Own Drinks

There are a few reasons you don’t want guests making their own drinks. First of all, it’s nice if guests can just relax and not worry about mixing drinks, especially since they may want a cocktail they aren’t quite sure how to make. Second, a lot of people over pour when they’re making a cocktail simply because they don’t realize how much is coming out of the bottle. A bartender can not only make the more complicated cocktails someone may want, he can ensure that those cocktails have the appropriate amount of alcohol so that no one is on the floor before the party’s even in full swing.

A Bartender Won’t Over Serve

In addition to making sure drinks are poured properly, a professional bartender is paid to serve responsibly and pour drinks accordingly as the night goes on. Ultimately, having a sober bartender paying attention to who might be starting to have a little “too much fun,” saves you from a potentially embarrassing conversation and means you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

Fancy Cocktails, not Just “Mixed Drinks”

Bartenders know how to make all sorts of cocktails. From a proper martini to an old fashioned to a refreshing gimlet, you can count on a professional mixologist to be able to pour anything your guests want well beyond the standard “rum and Coke” or “vodka soda.”

A Clean and Organized Bar Area

When people are in charge of making their own drinks, the bar area can quickly become chaotic and messy. A bartender will make sure the bar area isn’t covered in used limes, sticky bottles, and empty soda cans.

Your Guests Will Be Impressed

People expect bartenders at fancier events in big spaces, but they definitely don’t expect to walk into a backyard barbecue or intimate birthday party and see a paid professional serving up signature cocktails.


With our vast experience in the bar industry and every single member of our team having worked at numerous bars and are still doing so at our very own bar – Hopscotch – located at 45 Malan Road, you can be sure that our mixologists from Mixes From Mars will bartend at your event with a high level of service and mixology standards. Drop us an enquiry today to find out more about having our experienced bartenders at your event!

An Epic 18th Birthday Bash!

Turning 18 is a big deal in Singapore. Seen as an adult in the eyes of the law and more importantly, in our opinion, legal to drink. We had the opportunity to organize a party to celebrate our client turning 18! The requirement was quite simple, just go all out.

The location of the party was in our client’s place, a private compound which was quite spacious. We had a lot of room to plan where the assorted activities could be held. First up was the main area.  It was where the food, drinks and dance floor were located. We first laid out the high tables and high stools at the back of the room near the food and bar area. It was to provide the guests with adequate area to enjoy the various offerings of the night. At the front of the main area was the dance floor, right in front of the DJ. The DJ with his setup was flanked by 2 speakers, providing the guests with EDM tracks through the night. Surrounding the room were mood lightings and moving lights, accompanying the DJ’s music. Additionally the tables were decorated with not only the standard menus, but also candles and jars of flowers to add to the mood.

DJ Setup

Lights programmer setting up

18th Birthday

Main Area Set Up

At the second main area, we had the live band area which we added high tables and stools behind, with the band positioned in front serenading the crowd. We also set up beam lights and moving lights which were focused on the band as they were the other entertainers for the night. It was also the cake cutting area, hence the lightings to help setup for the pictures taken by the photographers!

The third area was the welcome area. Situated near the main door, it was a huge space which was turned into a photo shoot area. A backdrop of balloons were placed which the birthday girl took photos with her guests. At the nearby corridor passageway, we laid down rose petals on the side with candles to illuminate the pathway as the house would be dimly lit for the party.

Dinner for the day was a customized menu created up by Divine Palate which involved some premium ingredients including caviar! They were also able to utilize the island kitchen to do a live demonstration of them cooking. The food was exceptional and we are looking forward to the next time we work with them to experience their other creations!

18th Birthday

Cocktails for the nigh!

Cocktails as usual were done by us where we customized two different drinks for her. The first was Violet Regal where it included Blackcurrant, Lychee, Yuzu and Gin which was garnished with flower petals and lychee spheres. The colors were of the drink, a deep violet hue suited the color theme of the party. The next drink was the Barely Legal which included Passionfruit, Brown Sugar, Lim, Mint, Club Soda and Rum. It is a twist of the classic Mojito, with the current one giving it a  slightly sour kick. Our client also provided us with champagnes and wines to serve to her guests.

It was an awesome party which the Mixes from Mars team was proud to be a part of. Our most sincere thanks to our client for having us and to our partners for working together to create such a beautiful birthday party. We are already looking forward to the next birthday bash to organize, till next time, cheers!