Some of the most popular drinks to consume at a nightclub are shots. They are portable and potent, they also go down quickly and get the job done. But, not all shots are made the same and there sure are some tasty ones out there. Here is a list of some of the best shots you can order. Cheers!


This mixture of vodka, orange liquor and lime juice is so refreshing and tasty that it is dangerous. The shots are popular because they go down smoothly. But, don’t let them fool you, they are sneaky little critters. They will have you moonwalking on the dance floor in no time!

Blow Job


With a name such as Blow Job, it is easy to see why this shot is so popular. Groups of friends enjoy hearing their one friend order Blow Jobs with just a hint of embarrassment. The shot is made from Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream. It is then topped with whipped cream. Now, the fun part. The shot needs to be taken without using your hands!

Water Moccasin

This tasty drink is much more appealing than its reptile counterpart. It is made from peach schnapps, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, triple sec and sweet and sour mix. Your taste buds will enjoy the sweet and it will go down smoothly.

White Gummy Bear

Another sweet shot, this one is made from cherry vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and Sprite. This shot truly tastes like dessert.

Slippery Nipple

This is another shot that is always fun to watch your friend order and see how many chuckles you hear. It is a delicious tasting shot that is made from butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Irish Car Bomb


This is when you drop a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey into a glass of Guinness and drink it as fast as you can. It turns into a fun competition.

Mind Eraser

True to its name, if you are out for the night with your buddies, you just may want one of these shots. It is a mixture of vodka, Kahlua and 7-up. Despite it’s scary name, it actually goes down pretty easily.

Lemon Drop

This shot is simple, clean and delicious – as long as you have a skilled bartender that uses quality vodka. They are made from vodka, lemon juice and sugar. They are usually served with a slice of lemon with sugar on it, so after you take your shot, you bite on the sugar-covered lemon.

Chocolate Cake


Love dessert? Dislike the taste of alcohol? This shot is for you. It legitimately tastes like you are eating a slice of chocolate cake. The shot is made from vodka, Frangelico, lemon and sugar.

Melon Ball

This shot is a crowd pleaser since it is “girly” tasting and goes down smoothly. Made from vodka, Midori and pineapple juice, this drink will have you craving a summer vacation.


This is one of the most popular shots that both men and women order. It is made from coffee liquor, Irish cream and orange liquor.

Straight Up

Of course, some of the best shots you can take are just a high-quality liquor, such as vodka, tequila, rum, or popular brands such as Fireball or Jägermeister.

Now you are prepared and ready for a night out on the town. Just remember to drink responsibly, moderately and always figure out your traveling arrangements before having any drinks.

If you’re trying to save the hassle of being your own bartender, why not engage us and enjoy your party. Just let us know your preference and we’ll be able to come up with a customized menu (Shots inclusive) to suit the theme of your party!