Portable Bars

Staff Appreciation Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Back in July, we had an event with our client. It was a yearly affair where they invited all their staffs for some rest and recreation time. It was held at the Meadow in Gardens by the Bay. Our client certainly went all out to ensure their staffs left satisfied. It was organized like a festival exclusive only to their staffs. There were food, drinks, photo booths and live performances.

Food & Beverages

A quick briefing before our staffs head into their respective portable bars for service.

Louis giving the briefing before our staffs head into their respective portable bars for service

Food was provided by LAVISH and other vendors and it included fish and chips, churros, kebabs etc. Drinks were provided by us truly. The special catch was unlike many of our other events, this time we were not providing our customized cocktails, but beer, wine and soft drinks. While we are mostly known for our themed cocktails, we also provide other alcoholic and non-alcoholic services. For beers, we had Heineken and Tiger from the kegs. And for wine, it was Cornerstone Cabernet Sauvignon and Cornerstone Sauvignon Blanc. Whereas for the soft drinks, we had coke, sprite and orange juice.

Jo tapping a beer for the festival before passing it to service at our portable bars

Jo and beers and festivals, a perfect combination.

While it might see very straightforward, the challenges that came with it was the logistics and the weather. There was heavy rain in the morning that interfered with a bit of our layout. The event was catered for 2,400 people. From there we had to plan for the timings for delivery, decorations, tools and equipments. The preferred mode of glassware for the day was plastic cups as the client felt it was safer and there won’t be any breakages as the guests roamed the Meadow. We brought over 6 of our portable bars as service stations to cater to the large crowd. Additionally we had 24 staffs on hand to aid with operations and logistics at 2 separate tentages. To ensure smooth operations we had a team on hand to change kegs and provide wines for the front end staffs.


Portable bar lit up with ambient lighting provided by The AVA Club

Our portable bar lit up. Additional ambient lighting from The AVA Club

The tentages which we were situated in had lights to brighten up the place as the festival was in the night. We felt it was quite bright so we decided to get them to turn it off. Instead, we got our friends from The AVA Club to light up our place with wash lights and centerpiece lighting. It provided a better setting for a music festival which the clients were very satisfied with.

Performances at the Festival

Possibly the highlight of the nights were the performances. Our client engaged local bands like Inch Chua and The Sam Willows to perform their hits. Them supporting local acts was very commendable. The guests loved the performances and it definitely was an experience to remember. Sitting on the meadow, with a glass of beer or wine in their hands swaying to the music. We are extremely grateful to our client for having the opportunity to cater to their festival, it was especially fun planning for this event. Also, shoutout to our friends at The AVA Club for helping us with the lights. Once again thanks for reading and have a great week ahead, cheers!