Events Bartending with Fossil

Mixes From Mars Throwback #1: Product Launches

Greetings! In the past few months, we have been a little busy. Other than Hopscotch’s closing and our Bali Trip, as usual we were busy with events bartending. This is a little write up about some of the past few events we have done; through some coincidence, the events covered in this post were all product launches. Coming up with cocktails to suit the product is one of our favorite things to do.


Mixes from Mars and Fossil

Joyce, Sandy and our lovely Fossil Coordinator, Pearlyn


Fossil Q Launch

Fossil whom we’ve worked with last year, engaged us in May for their product launch. It was for the same product except it was at a different venue now. This time we brought our portable bar to Suntec City. Our drinks were the same, which was the Q Aspro and Q Dolce. Just like the previous event we did for Fossil, it was for the promotion of their smartwatch Fossil Q. More details about our customized drinks can be found in our previous post!

Rose Smoked Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned with additional horsepower


A brand synonymous with luxury cars. Maserati approached us through Visionnaire, an events management company who we worked with for our previous Mont Blanc event. The request was straightforward, They wanted us to come up with three cocktails for three of their luxury car models.

Levante consisted of Rum, Blue Curacao, Elderflower Liqueur, Creme de Violet, Egg White and Fresh Lemon Juice. It was then garnished using silver spray with a Maserati Logo on top of the shaken egg white. Louis spent a really long time hand carving the Maserati Logos onto a plastic sheet.

Quattroporte was made up of Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, Orange Bitters and garnished with Dehydrated Orange Wheel. To enhance the cocktail experience, we smoked woodchips which were steeped in rose water. The smoke was used to coat the glass before the cocktail was made.

Molecular mixology was up next with Ghibli. Consisting of Vodka, Tropical Blue Syrup, Sour Plum and Lychee, we included Sodium Alginate and Calcium Lactate. It resulted in cocktail caviar. It sat in a spoon garnished with edible gold dust and lychee spheres!


Garnish for our Chanel drink

Creation of a Beauty

Chanel and Mixes From Mars

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Also a client whom we are working with for the second time. Chanel approached us and requested for two mocktails that were similar to the range of products they were currently promoting. It was for Chanel’s Hydra Beauty range. We were really happy with how it turned out!

Hydra Blue was the one on the left which consisted of Tropical Blue Syrup, Calpis, Yuzu and Club Soda. It was garnished with Baby’s Breath. One of the difficulties we had at the beginning was because we chose to use a Camellia as it was a signature symbol of the Chanel brand. In the end it was decided to use Baby’s Breath for the matching of colors. Reason being Camellias were not in season and keeping them requires a bit of logistics planning due to the climate difference; Camellias require a cooler climate to last.

Refresher Orb was the drink on the right, made with White Grapes and Club Soda. It is then topped with Tropical Blue Air which was an aspect of our molecular mixology. It added an extra dimension with the aesthetics and the bubbles being a little sweet. Leaving the drink out allowed the Tropical Blue to slowly trickle down, leading to a gorgeous effect which we loved.

All in all, we really enjoyed coming up with these cocktails for our clients and we look forward to working with them again. As June is ending, we are looking forward to the coming months as we will be pretty busy with events bartending and looking out for the next Hopscotch. We hope you have a great weekend ahead, cheers!