Full Body Work Out

Mixes from Mars and Hopscotch Bar’s Bali Trip

After Hopscotch held our final party, we went for our annual company trip! Our destination this time was Bali. Working in the bar meant that we led mostly nocturnal lifestyle, which got us all excited for the sunny islander lifestyle. While we met at the airport at about 9 in the morning, we found it really weird to see each other so early and in attires that weren’t black; which was our daily work attire.

Arrival in Bali


Bali Villa

No filter, just the work of good sunlight

We reached Bali in the afternoon where we had a driver send us to our villa. The villa was spacious and we had a pool right at the entrance. Due to the hot weather, it was a priority for us to go for a swim. Beers were in order to complement the weather, we all lazed by the pool side while we waited for dinner.

Dinner at Mexicola

Mixes from Mars at Mexicola

Finest Mexican food in Bali

For dinner, we traveled to Motel Mexicola at Seminyak for some Mexican food. It was one of the most unique experience we’ve encountered. It felt like we were being transported to somewhere in Mexico. The party vibes, music and cuisines were quite exquisite. They even had an omakase menu for us which allowed us to try all their specialties in bite sized portions. It gave us some inspiration for our next event planning and cocktail menus. Our night was followed by shopping then drinking and chilling back at the villa.

Water Rafting on Day 2

Bali Rafting

Full Body Workout

An activity we were looking forward to the most! We were split up into five boats for water rafting. The journey took an hour to complete with many small activities. These included breaks for rest, photo opportunities and mini cliff jumping. One of the more eventful things was Elijah going overboard after his boat had a rocky encounter. It was quite the fun attempting to rescue him while he was panicking. Not to worry though as our favorite chubby bartender was in Nicholas, Roger and the guide’s safe hands.

Ultimo Restaurant

Italian food in Bali

To compensate our hard work rowing, we had a fulfilling dinner at Ultimo, an Italian restaurant known for its food at a cheap price as compared to Singapore. As usual, we over ordered and had to bring the leftovers back to the villa. We ended the night as usual with beer, games and comedy shows.

Day 3

We started our day with water sports but it did not feel like it was worth our money. It was quite costly with only about ten to fifteen minutes per activity. Our next trip was to Potato Head Bali, which was one of Bali’s most popular bar. We had cocktails and lunch to fill our stomach. While at Potato Head, we also gathered ideas and inspirations for our future event menus and for the next Hopscotch.


Day 4

High Flyer

Jo the Monkey

The destination of the day was Tree Top Adventure Bali. It was perhaps the most exhausting period of our trip; it was quite fun though. From the initial brief by Sandy who was our trip planner, we thought it was just a really long zip line. Only when we reached the place did we realize that it was an adventure park, up in the air. Secured by carabiners and steel wires, we navigated throughout the many courses available. To the acrophobics like Roger and Nicholas it was quite an ordeal, until they got used to it. Jo, Joyce and Sandy were some of the few that completed all the courses.

We headed for seafood dinner by the beach after our full body workout. It was a rushed experience as we had to catch the flight back to Singapore within an hour. With our stomachs filled and thirsts quenched, we bid Bali goodbye and headed back to Singapore. With our new found experience, we look forward to the coming months where we have quite a few exciting events lined up. Stay tuned while we keep you updated and as always, have a great week ahead, cheers !