Negroni Week

Negroni Week is upon us once more. Conceived in 2013 by Imbibe Magazine and Campari as a celebration for the famous classic cocktail.  It also serves as a fundraising campaign for the various charities around the world. Despite being in Singapore for only 3 years, it has already built a loyal following that awaits its arrival every year.

How it came about

According to most accounts, it was conceived in Florence, Italy at Caffe Casoni when Count Camillo Negroni requested the bartender to strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano by replacing the gin with soda water. Efforts to verify the source did not provide much evidence but what the world got was an amazing cocktail that has cemented its place in cocktail history, as proven when it was listed as one of the classics.

Recipe & Variations

The standard Negroni recipe calls for equal parts of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari, 1 ounce each is widely used. It is also the ratio we use for our events, which has found many fans!

Jo, our resident mixologist and head bartender of now defunct Hopscotch Bar tweaks his ratio a bit.

  • Gin 30ml
  • Sweet Vermouth 20ml
  • Campari 10ml

He tweaked his ratio based on the palate of most of the customers at Hopscotch and found that they preferred a slight Campari taste. Fret not if you are worrying about the volume as you can adjust it based on a 3:2:1 ratio.

Louis, our head of operations gives a twist to the Negroni, preferring to use the traditional 1:1:1 ratio but switching the Campari out for Aperol. He prefers it as it gives the drink more complexity compared to the original recipes.

As the bar industry grows, bartenders are being more innovative with their recipes, introducing new and quirky ingredients to spice up their Negronis. Who knows, maybe at your next Bespoke party, we will create a few new Negronis with some seasonal ingredients that we have procured from our local wet market.