Mobile Bar

Why Engage Our Mobile Bar?

Planning a party or an event requires an eye for detail at every aspect. It ranges from the activities, Audio-Visual (AV) equipment, food offerings and of course, the drinks. In most cases, for a corporate or private party, most of the details are done in-house, like organizing games, emceeing and etc. Food will be catered in and drinks will most likely be a cooler box filled with ice, soft drinks and beer. Sure that sounds nice, but why not make it better a mobile bar that provides more offerings.

Bespoke Cocktails

Broaden the drinks menu offered at your event. If its an intimate party, have a go at our Bespoke Cocktail Package. We’ll bring down our mobile bar including a whole bunch of fresh fruits, herbs, juices and liquor. There will be no menu and each drink will be crafted based on our bartenders interaction with your guests. It will usually start with some questions about their palate, preference of any ingredients and liquor. From there we’ll take your guests on a journey till the event ends. The exciting part for both us and the guests is that we get to make drinks catered for everyone.

Thematic Cocktails

Mobile Bar and Customized Cocktails

In most cases, there are themes for the event, in which we will craft a menu of cocktails specifically to suit your theme. It could be about anything really, a movie, a book or a holiday and so on. For example, the above cocktails were done for Osim’s uDiva launch. The theme was set around love, where we incorporated some elements in one of the cocktails name “Love at 1st Sip” and the ingredients, which includes rose. The thematic cocktail creation is the part we love the most, we usually end up with lots of wacky ideas for the ingredients, garnish and the names. Once the dust has settled, we will select the most fitting ones and arrange a tasting session with you to make sure everything is perfect for your event. Fast forward to the day of your event, just like any of our clients, we’ll bring our mobile bar down, set it up and serve the drinks that we have created for your event.

Why Engage Our Mobile Bar Services?

Experienced, our attention to details and quality of service.

Our many years in the bar industry has given us the experience to craft drinks for a wide variety of palates and the ability to provide exceptional service to your esteemed guests. Back at Hopscotch and Mars Bar and even the previous bars we worked in, service was the top priority. New staffs were first taught menu drinks, followed by customer interactions pre and post ordering. These enabled them to be knowledgeable about the house cocktails and their ingredients while they build rapport with the customers and at the same time find out about their palate. The second stage will then be creating the house cocktails and tasting the individual ingredients in it. Once Louis or Jo the head bartenders for the two bars decide that they are ready, they will be introduced to the third stage which would be to create drinks off the menu, with inspirations coming from the interactions with the customers. Combining the experience with our quality service has enabled us to provide our clients with exceptional events.

All in all, leave the organizing, the nitty gritty details to us. If there is one thing we want, it is for you to enjoy your event or party. We have also expanded into event management where we provide one stop solutions for all your event needs, from the start to the end. From our many years of being in the events industry, we have managed to partner up with various trusted vendors that are able to provide competitive quotes and offerings that will suit your event.

Head on over to the enquiries page if you have any questions regarding your event or you can drop us a call at 6254 7126. As always, we hope you have a great week ahead and hope to be able to bring a mobile bar to your events in the near future, cheers!