Singapore Grand Prix F1

Last weekend on the 16th to the 18th, we were invited to shake up some cocktails for the F1 period. It was also the 2nd time this year that Singapore Grand Prix has engaged us, the first being their corporate event. For this event, we were situated at the Sky Suites in Sky Bar 3, which was near Pit Straight.

Pit Straight

The amazing view from Pit Straight

The view from our bar was beautiful. The weather was generally good as service was during the night, we were also thankful that there was no torrential downpour. The guests there were mostly corporate clients and customers that were invited to enjoy the race. Service was pretty busy come night time, maybe it was due to the weather hence the need to quench their thirst!

F1 bar

Front of our bar with Elijah serving some bubbly

Bar Slam

The start of the evening where the crowd started streaming in

We designed five cocktails which were based on the theme of F1 being in Singapore. The cocktails were the Arab Street, Pit Haven, Hot Wheels, Burnout and Victory Lap. 2 more shots were also provided, the Ondeh Ondeh and Bandung shooters.

Arab Street

Sandy with the ever popular Arab Street

Jaslyn and Arab Street

Jaslyn with the main attraction of the night, the Arab Street

Bandung and Beer

Bandung Trio!

Usually the guests at F1 would stick to the standard beer and champagne, but the Arab Street and the local flavored shots made them step out of their comfort zone. Arab Street was first conceived at our bar, Hopscotch as a tribute to the history-rich area. It is made up of Gin, Homemade Pomegranate Syrup, Saffron Rose Water, Apple Juice and Citrus. It is then garnished with Lemon and Rose Water with Dry Ice for the smell and visual appeal, and a Cotton Candy on the side for a little sweet snack to complement the drink. This cocktail takes the pole position for crowd favorites but taking 2nd and 3rd place were the two shots we provided, Bandung and Ondeh Ondeh. They were medium in strength and tasty enough to keep the guests coming back for more. What better way to introduce Singapore to the many international guests at F1 then our very own cocktails with a local twist!

Bar Team

Our Day 3 Team with the very passionate Ondeh Ondeh fan, Eric!

All in all, this edition of F1 has been very fun and it provided a good learning experience for all of us. Explaining what Bandung and Ondeh Ondeh is to the guests and teaching them how to pronounce it has to be one of our most enjoyable moment during this event. We have also mastered the art of lip reading due to the sheer noise the F1 cars make. We would like to congratulate the Nico Rosberg and the Mercedes team for taking 1st place, good luck on the next race. Thanks to Singapore Grand Prix for engaging us, we hope to work with your amazing team again. Have a great week ahead everyone!