Welcoming our new intern, Ashes!

Innocent eyes, not so innocent kitten


Last week, we hired an intern that will be assisting us with daily office operations. Presenting Ashes, our office pet temporarily! He will be the the Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO) during his time here. We currently have him for about 3 days now, and he is very hyperactive; running and jumping around while in the main office. He also has this tendency to chase fingers and toes and will try to bite them, which we are currently trying to put a stop to.

As with every new staff, we haze them. With a post it sized paper, we stuck it to his head for a little fun but he did not seem to bother much. This intern will be with us for another week as he assists us with our day to day operations, whether he can get things done or not is still to be seen. Here’s to hoping this guy stops biting and messing up our tables. We hope you have a good week ahead, cheers!