We have an Office/Warehouse!

A few months ago, we decided on getting an office space cum warehouse so that we could store our many inventories and be a little more productive.

Working at the bar has its advantages (Drinks, chatting with customers) but it also puts a stop to our workflow. We also say goodbye to travelling to different locations just to get extra glass wares and tools.  Now Hopscotch and us has more space to work.

Planning for the layout

Roger doing the floor plan with our contractor, Dev

Empty shelves, for now..

Roger contemplating on life, or it might just be the shelves layout

We then decided to split the space into 2. 1 for the warehouse and 1 for the office. The office side will then be split into a further 3 rooms consisting of the main office, spare room and a recreational room. The main office will consist of our work space while the recreational room will be where we relax. Equipped with sofas, a tv and fridge, we might be staying in that particular room more than usual.

Warehouse wise we have set up shelves to store our equipments and most importantly glasswares, which numbers in the thousands for us. We also bought a washing machine and dryer to do cleaning of our cloths that were used for events.

Populated shelves!

Current warehouse layout

Half-filled recreation room

Unfilled Recreation Room


Roger hard at work

Main Office


In the coming weeks, we have a few more cool stuffs coming in which involves molecular gastronomy that will introduce a new dimension to our molecular mixology drinks! We will also be posting more about our upcoming events to keep everyone in the loop, cheers!